Democompo - board game

Hungarian board game by Lion/Kempelen

The game is played on desk, printed table. Can be played by 2 to N players, the game is controlled by the dice and the fortune.

The aim of the game is to become a famous demogroup. Players throw the dice and step forward by the number of the points on the dice. Steps can end on special field, which has an image inside and there are instructions next to the box. Players must follow the simple instuctions which can move them forward or back.

The storyboard starts with seeing the blue screen for the first time and leads to winning the democompo.

Clicking the image to get the large versions which are about 7-800kb each! There are four pictures each has to be printed on A4 paper. All text are in Hungarian on them.

The Story

You must climb the same way most of us did. The begining was getting the C64 as Christmas present. This surprise (6 on the dice) allows you to step to 1, turning on the C64.

Following big squirrel cycle is copying games in the club where you go on every Saturday. There you have just two exits: Some cracker intros get your attention, or some demos do so!

Then you try to draw similar fuckin cool graphics, you also try making Let It Be in the DMC editor, depending on your skills you go forward or fall back and try again. When failing it is very easy to select the wrong way: ripping or PC! But that leads backwards only.

You start coding, wow it works! Oops, who are these guys... you are on your first meeting in your freshly formed group! Meeting demo is on the way, some boozing happens (at this early stage this moves you faster).

Somehow a converted porno picture collection idea comes up in your mind, and this adds a half step forward. Which is really not much (not surprise) but lets you decide on the next step: Not coding, just drinking, but this leads you moving back. Or receiving a contact letter, which means your name gets known.

You are really ready to be on top... What's left? Making some effects. As you can see some of them freezes all the time, some of them needs more packaging with cruelcruncer. If you still did not understand what are those big red fields on the end, then you did never try to finish a demo just before the compo.

If everyhing goes well with little fortune and much less real knowledge you can be today's top 1 demomaker on the board. Some guys on 2nd and 3rd place will follow and actually there is no place for others in this game.

Credits and Contact

Graphical art was selected from the following groups:

Censor Designs, Genesis Project, Resource, Coma, another Coma, Singular, Cadgers, Ideal, Exile, Angels, Mayhem, Anarchy, Chaos, Profik, Flash Inc., Extend, Borsodi beer, some games and tools.

If anyone is interested in translating the JPGs, contact me for text. I don't have any other formats, sorry. Known Hungarian sceners are mentioned in the text.

On the following photos you can see this game in action: Flag party Arok party