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C64 XLFiles

Download extra large C64 archives

This website hosts big collections of Commodore 64 games, demos and magazines for download. Every archive contains files that are directly usable on a C64, no need for futher file conversion or extraction. (C64 Emulator usage is also possible.)

Recommended to use with IDE64 cardridge or other similar hard disk solution. You can extract these archvies on a bigger computer, and then copy to your hard disk with fusecfs (on Linux) or simply burn a CD and put in your IDE64 CD drive. For fusecfs use the comma extension separator (,prg), for burning CD or running in emulators use the dot extension separator (.prg).


Multifile programs
Programs that are desinged run from a 1541 floppy drive are in D64 format. You can copy such files to floppy disks with IDE64 tools like ID64.
Singlefile programs
Programs that don't load any further files from the device 8, are converted to simple PRG that you can load and run directly. Note that IDEDOS 9 requires the "execute" bit set on those files, so this is set in all downloads.

Gangsta's paradise

Downloads",PRG" (fusecfs)".PRG" (CD) Disk spaceZip sizeFilesBrowse
Demos 380MB 204MB 5499 Browse
Magazines 132MB 89MB 968 Browse
Games 1.3GB 563MB 12105 Browse
IDE64 later later - - - Browse


Hall of Fame

Downloads",PRG" (fusecfs)".PRG" (CD) Disk spaceZip sizeFilesBrowse
Demos 438MB 262MB 8217 Browse
Magazines 149MB 79MB 1111 Browse


The Digital Dungeon

Downloads",PRG" (fusecfs)".PRG" (CD) Disk spaceZip SizeFilesBrowse
Demos 1.3GB 697MB 23619 Browse
Party 310MB 153MB 2756 Browse
Magazines 634MB 443MB 3251 Browse
Games 574MB 282MB 6967 Browse
by group 602MB 310MB 6412 Browse


High Voltage SID Collection

Downloads",PRG" (fusecfs)".PRG" (CD) Disk spaceZip SizeFilesBrowse
Music 241MB 117MB 38782 Browse



The Browse links point to the collection's original location thus they don't reflect uncompression and conversion result!

The collections have been created using the ai64 - batch file extractor (v1.4). Contact me if you know a good download source of Commodore 64 programs that should be available here for download.

The conversion is an automatic process, but errors are still possible. Feel free to report errors and I'll try to invesitage them. The process is not designed to be error-free, it's designed to do most of the work.

© 2010 Ferenc Veres - Lion/Kempelen/ex-Chromance/ex-Chaos